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Media experts

We have an in-depth understanding of Danish, Scandinavian, and European news, providing information and coverage that is hard to come by for nonlocal reporters.


We navigate tight deadlines while focusing on accurate reporting.


It is more time-efficient and cost-effective to set us to work locally instead of sending your reporters or photographers to locations that are unfamiliar to them.


Our collaboration with other journalists, photographers, and video journalists ensures that we are in the best position to provide immediate and accurate news coverage.

Danish fluency

For us, the Danish language is not a problem; it’s an advantage.


We offer the opportunity for newspapers and magazines to acquire the news stories and features about Denmark, Scandinavia or Europe through a specialised correspondent and photographer based in the Danish capital.


As an independent press agency, we are not affiliated with advertising companies or corporate promotion. Our income is derived solely from delivering high-quality journalistic services.


Reliability, accuracy, and objectivity are our fundamental principles.

Happy camper

We love what we do, and have only one goal: to meet your need for high-quality coverage of relevant and engaging stories from Denmark, Scandinavia or Europe by becoming your correspondent based in Denmark.

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Let us write you a free story to show you what we can do.

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