How to get started

Copenhagen Correspondent offer English language newspapers and magazines around the world the service of a correspondent in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen. Our office is situated a few minutes walk from the danish parliament and the ministry of foreign affairs. We have sources in business, science, society, politics and culture and we can provide all kinds of professional and original news stories related to your markets and your readers need for information. 

We understand the editorial process and aim to create value for your readers. Please get in contact and let’s see if we can help each other. 

Working with us can be done in four ways


We are your correspondents in Copenhagen, on standby. When you need one or more of us, we set to work immediately. We will be associated, but there is no formal contract or payment among us except for the fees of each article we produce.


We keep an eye open for topics of interest to your readers in your market and suggest writing articles that meet your needs. Each week or once every month, we will deliver a list of stories that are relevant for your readers, free of charge.


In cooperation with you, we decide how many articles to produce for you each month on specific subjects. When you chose this solution, we will be working more closely together. We follow topics and report stories the way a staff reporter does.


A feed of shorter, rewritten non-original news stories. We setup media monitoring among Danish, Scandinavian or even European news sources with keywords matching your country or stories related to your readers’ information needs.

But we also need photos?

Photos? No problem. It is part of our educational training to work and think multimedia. We provide professional copy, articles, and graphics in any format, length, and angle your request.

Where do we begin?

Let us write you a free story to show you what we can do.

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