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Mike collins PR

We have been working with Mike Collins, former Press Secretary and national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and one of the most respected and sought-after media strategists in Washington D.C., on several international public relations jobs. Our primary tasks have been media monitoring, research, article writing, and advice on Scandinavian media.

" has been a tremendous asset to BizReport. They are excellent freelancejournalists and also a great project managers. They independently developed and launched BizReport’s printed publication several years ago.  Recently they did an amazing job at recruiting new talent for BizReport’s international edition. I highly recommend, they would make a great asset to any organization."
Andrei Puhov
Owner, CEO / BizReport
"A voice from Denmark enhances our unique perspective"
Robert Maier
English Pages Editor

Some years ago, 750 Danish soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan. is among just a few independent news organisations in the country, and we are proud to have covered some highlights from the Danish Afghanistan debate on the website.

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